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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Noon, 12:00:00 pm MDT


Friday, October 30, 2020
Noon, 12:00:00 pm MDT


The rules for the Hackers Challenge are loosly defined, but strictly include the following:

  • Play the game ethically
  • Do NOT share captured flags
  • You may work together as a team, but there can only be one winner
  • Do NOT brute force the scoring server. NO Challenge requires brute forcing the infrastructure. Don't break the game for others
  • Do NOT steal flags by compromising other players


The SAINTCON Hacker's Challenge admins reserve the right to disqualify and/or change scores for participants who violate the game rules or participate in unprofessional conduct. We reserve this right without right of dispute or for any other reason we feel is appropriate or prudent.

Also be warned:

We have ways of monitoring cheating, sharing of flags, and other shenanigans that might go on. Get away with it... Good for you! Get caught, your score will suffer.